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How Do I Thaw The Meat?

How Do I Thaw The Meat?

Believe it or not, this is a question we get quite often. A combination of good planning and great patience, that's how it's done! 

We advise placing the product(s) in the refrigerator to thaw out over the course of 1-2 days, but sometimes that just isn't possible with day-to-day life. You can use the below suggestions for thawing, but remember that times may vary due to size and thickness of the product.

  • Large Roasts: Approximately 4-7 hours per pound
  • Small Roasts: Approximately 3-5 hours per pound
  • Steaks & Burgers: Approximately 12-14 hours (for steaks 1" thick)

When thawing meat in the refrigerator, always place the package on a plate or in a bowl. This is a best practice for food safety and eliminates juices from leaking in the refrigerator. Once the meat is thawed (solely for refrigerator thawing), Roseda Beef can be safely consumed up to 4 days. This is only if the product has stayed refrigerated throughout the thawing and storage process!

If you're pressed for time, however, you can place the sealed vacuum-packed beef in a sealed Ziploc bag for 1-2 hours in a sink filled with cool water. Make sure the bag is watertight!

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