What is “All-Natural”?

Our definition of “natural” comes from the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service.

It means our beef contains no growth hormones, artificial color or flavoring, no chemical preservatives, or other synthetic ingredients. In fact, we’re proud that in many ways we far exceed the government’s definition of “natural.”

Roseda cattle are never fed growth hormones or antibiotics. They are grass-fed and grain-finished with an all-natural diet of corn, alfalfa, hay, soybean meal and fresh water. We are a single source farm with complete control of our animals.

When it comes time to harvest our animals, it is done at our facility and the animals are further aged and processed at our processing facility. This enables us to monitor and control the minimal amount of processing that goes into our product without the involvement of outside sources.

At the end of the day, the fact is you can rest assured that all the beef products from Roseda are managed and sourced from our farm in Monkton, Maryland and that we make every effort in the proper care, treatment and humane processing of our animals.

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