What Is Black Angus Beef?

What is Black Angus Beef?

We’ll start with the basics of Black Angus cattle. The Angus breed is the most common breed of cattle in the United States. The Black Angus distinction refers to those whose hides are predominantly black. Angus cattle generally produce highly marbled and flavorful beef, but Black Angus cattle are best known their consistency and reliable quality of meat. It’s the natural fat marbling, or intramuscular fat, within the muscle that is largely responsible for the flavor, juiciness and eating experience of Black Angus beef.

Where Does Black Angus Beef Come From?

Black Angus cattle are bred down from Aberdeen Angus cattle, originating from the Aberdeenshire region in Scotland.

What Makes Black Angus Beef So Good?

The most discerning consumers rely on the great taste of Black Angus beef, but why? What’s behind the name? In two words - consistency, and marbling.

Angus cattle were brought to the US in large part due to the heartiness of the breed. Their ability to thrive in varied conditions contributes to predictable results for ranchers: consistent, high-quality beef. 

Interesting Facts About the Black Angus

This breed has several interesting traits and characteristics. Learn more about what makes this cow unique, below.

  • Polled – Unlike some cattle, this breed does not grow horns. People refer to cows (and goats) that naturally lack horns as “polled.”
  • Crossbreed – Because these creatures naturally lack horns, many farmers cross breed the angus with other breeds to produce calves who also lack horns.
  • A Degree Above – People generally prefer the meat of this breed over some other cattle. Black Angus typically has high fat (known as marbling) in the meat, giving it a desirable flavor and texture.
  • High Demand – In fact, their meat quality is so superior that this breed is one of the most popular in the world. They are one of the top selling breeds in the world.

Is Black Angus beef better?

At Roseda, we believe the answer to this question is “yes”. We are breeding our cattle to be the best and chose the Black Angus (also known by some as Aberdeen Angus) breed especially for their genetics and breeding practices. Black Angus cattle have a consistently high yield of high-quality marbling, fat thickness, and tenderness, which make them an ideal breed for the type of product we look to provide to our customers.

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