What are Roseda’s differentiating qualities?

Roseda Farm produces local, all natural, dry-aged, black angus beef. Each one of these qualities is important in making our beef unique for the past 25 years, ultimately providing a consistently tender and juicy beef eating experience.

Why is “local” important?

Customers want to know where their beef comes from, and for us, it all starts and ends at Roseda Farm. We carefully work with co-operative farmers in the area in caring for and raising our cattle. Once it’s time to harvest and process them, it is done at our two plants in Baltimore City. From farm to you, everything comes from our local and regional farm partners and plant operations.

Why is Roseda beef “natural” but not “organic” (what’s the difference)?

Our definition of “natural” comes from the U.S. Food Safety Inspection Service. It means our beef contains no growth hormones, artificial color or flavoring; no chemical preservatives, other synthetic ingredients. In fact, we’re proud that, in many ways, we far exceed the government’s definition of “natural.”

To qualify as “organic” by federal standards, we would have to feed our cattle ingredients that have never been treated with pesticides or herbicides. Using strictly organic feed is extremely expensive, and would require us to raise prices about 50%. We believe our natural methods are more than sufficient to provide high quality beef at a price our customers can afford.

What is “dry-aging” and why is it important?

Once our cattle are harvested at our local plant, we start a process that lasts from 14-21 days where the beef is kept in a contained, cool environment to allow moisture to evaporate from the beef. Simultaneously, tissues within the beef break down enzymes, which enhances the beefy flavor, and tenderness that we sustain through the strict management practices of Roseda cattle from start to finish. The result is a consistent steak-like eating experience with ALL of our beef; This includes burgers, ground beef, briskets, etc.—not just the premium middle cut steaks that you may find in an upscale restaurant or club.

Is Black Angus beef better?

At Roseda, we believe the answer to this question is “yes”. We are breeding our cattle to be the best and chose the Black Angus (also known by some as Aberdeen Angus) breed especially for their genetics and breeding practices. Black Angus cattle have a consistently high yield of high-quality marbling, fat thickness, and tenderness, which make them an ideal breed for the type of product we look to provide to our customers.

Can I find Roseda beef in grocery stores?

You can! We are currently available in Giant Foods, Graul’s Markets, Geresbecks, and our newest retail partner, Klein’s/Shop Rite. We are also available at many local farmers’ markets and are even frequently featured on the menu of many local restaurants!