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Contents: (1) Bavette Steak, (1) Tri-Tip, (1) Coulotte Steak and (1) Skirt Steak

The perfect opportunity to try a different cut than what you're used to! 

Bavette Steak: Bavette steak is excellent in several recipes, including fajitas, steak salads, steak enchiladas, Asian stir-fries, or on its own served with a delicious pan sauce. Bavette also makes excellent steak jerky.

Tri-Tip: Grilling is the most common cooking method for tri-trip. Cooked and thinly sliced tri-tip is also great for sandwiches, fajitas, tacos, and stir-fry dishes. Tri-Tip can also be cooked using pan-frying, roasting, broiling, and braising methods. 

Coulotte Steak: Although this steak doesn’t have plenty of fat marbling, the thin layer that stretches over one side gives Coulotte that unique taste and separates it from other cuts. From the fat layer comes exquisite flavoring that Coulotte is famous for and gives the steak a beautiful texture when cooked on a grill. In fact, this specific cut is known as an excellent steak for grilling. The Coulotte steak has ideal broiling properties, meaning you can prepare it however you prefer. Grilling is the easiest method, but if you like, you can try other cooking methods and can even incorporate it into a stir fry. 

Skirt Steak: Skirt steak is a lean, long, and thin piece of meat containing many connective tissues. Incorrectly cooked, it will be tough and chewy, so it is important to know how to prepare it correctly. To make the skirt steak more tender, marinate the meat before cooking. Also, it is crucial to choose a suitable cooking method depending on the recipe. Before serving, don’t forget to slice against the grain to get even better results in terms of tenderness. It’s best for grilling but is also well suited for roasting, broiling, and sautéing. Skirt steak is very often used in many recipes. For example, it is the most commonly used meat for fajitas.